Tiny Quail and the Year of Power

Statistics show that 78%* of New Year’s resolutions are doomed from their very inception.

*Okay, I made that statistic up.

And there are a lot of reasons why people don’t stick to them – and why, every time someone at a New Year’s Eve party asks “What are your resolutions?” it’s always with a sliver of a smile, as if they’re thinking Yeah right you’re not going to take that trip to Bali, I’m going to helpfully remind you that you didn’t keep any resolutions when we’re at this party this time next year!

My theory is that’s because people focus on their shortcomings – not only that, but they attach unrealistic goals to resolutions – that resolutions mostly fail. After two months of eating holiday cookies and tiny party Hors d’oeuvres that hide 200 calories a pop and all of that holiday stress, folks tend to look down and resolve to lose 20 pounds in two weeks or something ridiculous. On January 1st all of the gyms are full of good intentions that gradually peter off over the next two months. By April, we tend to get so caught up in daily life that the lofty goals we dreamed up during the week between Christmas and New Year’s are forgotten.

And yes, maybe it’s unrealistic to expect people to do as they say they’ll do 110% of the time, but I like to hold myself to goals – if only to prove to myself that yes, I can accomplish something I set out to do. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of crossing something off a list or checking a box, which might explain why I’m a compulsive list-maker. Making lists and finishing tasks in itself is rewarding – a sort of daily treat when, glancing down at the list, you find that there’s nothing left to do but bask in the glow of your own badassery.

My list of Goals for 2013 (not resolutions – goals, which has a much more finite connotation attached, don’t you think?) has a total of 23 new things to try and accomplish in the year to come – and keeping a blog is one of them. That’s where this tiny blog comes in, right at #7:

  1. Finish the 50 Book Challenge
  2. Go Raw or Paleo
  3. Try going pescatarian for a month
  4. Manage to do Pigeon pose without screaming (quite a lofty goal, if the way I feel during my yoga practice is any indication!)
  5. Meditate for 15 minutes a day
  6. Go swing-dancing
  7. Keep a blog at least somewhat-regularly
  8. Keep a gratitude list or Positivity Jar
  9. Complete a novel and pitch it.
  10. Learn to cross-stitch
  11. Learn how to bookbind
  12. Learn how to spin yarn
  13. Go to a burlesque show
  14. Eat foie gras
  15. Get a tattoo (preferably with someone rad)
  16. Try Cuban food
  17. Return all correspondence and run all errands in a timely manner (IE, no procrastinating until the very last minute and having a subsequent meltdown)
  18. Read Anna Karenina
  19. Take a CPR class

You may notice that I’m 4 goals short, but those are just the really personal ones that I’d rather not share – but if I manage to accomplish them, you’ll hear about it!

I’ve always had issues keeping blogs, having always run out of energy, enthusiasm, or things to write about. Something in the things I wrote about felt false, or the voice I wrote in wasn’t quite right, which was discouraging. My goal for this blog is just to keep it and keep it regularly- to post, to connect, and above all, to keep an honest and positive voice. Just by keeping these in mind, I hope to be writing through 2013 and beyond – and not having this blog be my own personal gym, to abandon in a month or two.

Of course, it would be nothing without an audience – which is why I should thank you. Personally. From the bottom of my heart – thank you for sharing this experience with me. Let’s take the plunge, check off some boxes on our to-do lists, and make 2013 the year of the badass! 


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