Things I Love Thursday 2: Eclectic Boogaloo

Has it really been a week since I last updated? I feel like time’s sped up, which I suppose is technically possible given that time is wibbly-wobbley – especially when preoccupied by things like carry-ons and TSA and baggage weight limits and whether or not one’s roommates will like Monty Python.

(If they don’t, I will cry, and as my tears are drying I will find new ones. I am a woman of simple needs, really.)

Here’s what I’m lovin’ this week:

iTunes U and the wide world of podcasts available through the iTunes market. Podcast on the history of Byzantium? Why thank you. An entire class about the early Middle Ages? Don’t mind if I do! ♥ Richard III mania hitting the internet and the subsequent history jokes being made. Let’s just ignore all that academic in-fighting for now… ♥ Djarum clove cigarettes and Guinness: Goth candy. ♥ Homemade guacamole ♥ Springtime slowly reclaiming the landscape here in California – complete with a riot of fragrant jonquils and a thick purple carpet of violets in my yard! ♥ Ike’s Cafe in Nevada City. Not in my top 20, not in my top 10….it’s in my Top 5 Favourite restaurants for good reason. (To-die-for etouffee!) ♥ Screaming about LOTR jokes with my best friends ♥ This article explains it all: Your Lifestyle Has Already Been Designed. In two words? HOLY CRAP. ♥

That’s all until next week, where I’ll be writing from sunny Florida for the first time. Keep on keepin’ on, lovelies!


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