Things I Love…Thursday: Tale as Old as Time…

Mea culpa. How long can I use “I’ve been busy” as an excuse until it’s no longer acceptable?

(That’s a trick question. The fact of the matter is excuses are never cool, especially for personal challenges that you’re trying to hold yourself to. Am I right?)

I had such an amazing day last Friday, it bears being retold in photos! My best friend’s parents were in town visiting for her father’s birthday, and luckily my day off coincided with their first day here. We visited the expanded Fantasyland and spied a castle belonging to a certain Beast…


I got to partake in Enchanted Tales with Belle! Though the wait in line was about forty minutes long, I was practically vibrating out of my skin with excitement. Beauty and the Beast was my favourite Disney movie growing up, and Belle has always been one of my biggest role models – that she’s a princess is only icing on the cake. So when I got my picture taken with Belle, well…I wasn’t quite sure what to do and my face sort of froze in an unfortunate spasm of happiness.


In a masterful stroke of luck which has me questioning what I’ve done to deserve such good karma, we managed to get a table at the new Be Our Guest restaurant. The entire experience was just beyond words, and of course the food and beer were delicious – everything from the French baguette with salted butter, the rotisserie game hen with fingerling potatoes and seasonal vegetables (though I was eyeing Kayla’s strip steak – om nom nom) to the adorable strawberry cream cheese cupcake I had for dessert. Of course, no dinner in the Beast’s castle would be complete without a photo op or two!

559949_10200635899605738_2030265777_n 65542_10200635899085725_1804357504_n

C’est magnifique! I can’t even find the words to express my thanks to Kayla and her family for such a magical evening. Here’s (a huge list) of what else I’ve been digging since last we spoke…

Cupcakes at work ♥ iTV’s Whitechapel – woops, hello new TV addiction ♥ fluffy squirrels and tiny birds everywhere in my apartment complex – #disneyprincesslife ♥ care packages stuffed with tea, Trader Joe’s goodies, and lovely notes from my family and friends ♥ Midnight diner trips with my roommate ♥ Gaston’s Tavern in Fantasyland – they really did use antlers in all of their decorating! ♥ A friend’s formula for feeling better on a day where I was feeling pretty rotten (Step 1: Eat one super healthy thing. Step 2: Do one thing that makes you feel pretty. Step 3: Text one friend you haven’t talked to for a while. It really works!) ♥ Getting a formal recognition by my coordinator of going ‘above and beyond’ on the job – I was just trying to step in and be helpful, I swear! ♥ At last, finding Udi’s Gluten-free bread in a grocery store. Reunited and it feels so good! ♥ The first sip of loose-leaf tea after going without for so long… ♥ Self-medicating by overdosing on classical music, white tea, and pictures of pretty clothes ♥ This cover of Thrift Shop – vastly preferable to the original! ♥ Collecting little tokens of my journey so far and putting them in the Smashbook my wonderful godmom gave me as a gift. ♥

Every single day brings new memories. They may not be grandiose or life-altering, but they need to be remembered all the same. I don’t think it’s the huge events that make a lifetime, rather, it’s the little things that often slip by unnoticed. Take note of them, whether on the back of a receipt, a note document on your phone, or in a bedazzled gratitude journal. How do you keep track of them?

Till next we meet!


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