How To Be A Princess – A Guide In 13 Steps

1) Listen to the music that makes you feel best – whether it’s fairytale dreampop, enchanting classical arias, or dragon-slaying power metal.
2) Give yourself permission to daydream with reckless abandon.
3) Find the little things, and let them fill you with joy – notice tender sprouts peeking through the earth, the funny way
fat little birds hop, the clouds of milk that curdle in your coffee or tea. There is magic in the everyday, you need only look for it.
4) You don’t always need a Prince Charming to complete your fairytale. Find whatever it is that makes you feel complete and dance with it far past midnight.
5) There will be evil stepsiblings, missed carriages, broken glass slippers, beasts who are beyond redemption, and dragons that refuse to be slain. Persevere through them.
6) There is a crown on your brow that no one else can feel the weight of. Know in your heart that you are beautiful, graceful, kind, and worthy of everything good. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
7) Confidence in yourself is a noble trait. So is humility.
8) Glitter, rose petals, fireworks, and pastries are never a bad thing, but always enjoy in moderation.
9) It is perfectly acceptable, in fact encouraged, to weep when you need to. Know that the way you feel now will not destroy you.
10) Everyone has the capacity to slay a dragon and escape the tower. Do the best you can with what you have.
11) Clothes, perfect hair, makeup, or owning the latest and greatest do not make a princess. Thoughts and deeds do.
12) There are moments where you will act in a less-than-noble way. Give yourself permission to have these moments and learn from them.
13) Never, ever, ever stop wishing or dreaming.


2 thoughts on “How To Be A Princess – A Guide In 13 Steps

  1. Rufflecakes,

    Thank you so much for this ;o; this is precisely what I’ve needed, lately. KEEP ON PRINCESSIN’ ON.


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