TiLT: Everything in Bloom

“No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.” – Hal Borland

With the vernal equinox occuring yesterday, it is officially springtime! Though I am a child of autumn heart and soul, preferring the sombre progression of fall into the quiet dark of winter, I cannot deny that the frothy green and pastel renewal and fresh air that spring brings with it makes me effervescently happy.
And admittedly – there’s a lot that makes me happy lately. There’s just as much that brings me down or makes me frustrated, but isn’t the whole point of the gratitude list to keep your head above all that mire?

Here’s a long list of what I’ve been digging since last we spoke…

Delicious macarons ♥ Delightedly sniffing Guerlain perfumes – they created what might be my dream scent. Le sigh! ♥ My flat’s busted garbage disposal finally, finally getting fixed. It’s the little things! ♥ Finding organic soup at the dollar store. Somewhat dubious, but I’ll take it! ♥ This extant book of Danish love ballads – shaped like a heart! ♥ The Neverwhere radio play. Seriously, it’s bloody amazing and you need to listen to it post-haste. ♥ Cauliflower rice ♥ With the coming of spring, strawberry season also arrives! ♥  Getting lost in a book – again and again and again. Whyever did it take me this long to go to my apartment complex’s lending library? ♥ Being ambushed by people giving out boxes of Marshmallow Peeps for the first day of spring at the Cast Service Center ♥ Geeky fandom T-shirts ♥ Surprising conversations about history with my new coworkers (!!!)  ♥ My trainer at work making Doctor Who references and laughing at my stupid Harry Potter jokes, and using “Reichenbach Fall’d” as a verb. Nerds unite! ♥

What’s been making me most happy this week is my upcoming five days off..when I’ll be jaunting back up to Louisville. I’m so excited for this opportunity to spend time with my family and get a taste of home, however brief it will be.

How are you celebrating spring’s arrival? How does this season bring you joy?


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