Things I Love Thursday: Dividing by Thirds

As of Tuesday, my College Program Experience is 1/3 of the way over! Two months, 60 days, however you want to put it….and to think, a month from now, it’ll be halfway over! Where is the time going?
Accompanying that realization is a lot of introspection and a bad bout of homesickness and loneliness and just a little bit of beating myself up. If I were to be accused of being a little too hard on myself in terms of holding myself to my own expectations, well…it wouldn’t be a false accusation. My line of reasoning is I’ve been here for two months and there’s still so much left for me to learn, do, and experience – and I feel like I’m not learning, doing, or experiencing enough! Upon reflection, just moving out and across the country would be a great start so far as learning experiences go…but it’s still not enough for me. (Perhaps I’m just being overambitious?)

Ahh, well. I am digressing and it sounds a little bit like Pointless Whining, which I said I wouldn’t do on this blog. Without any further digression, here’s what I’ve been digging in the past week!

Well-done, creepy atmospheric horror films (it seems the Brits have us beat in that department too!) ♥ Facetiming with my parents ♥ Homemade banana bread ♥ My new crockpot. Is it appropriate to love an appliance as much as I love this one? I made this on Monday night and it turned out delicious ♥ My coworkers, who are hilarious and make me laugh deliriously ♥ Vikings! I could go on and on about how much I love this show, which I marathonned through on Sunday and Monday. (I want a pet Athelstan of my own! Where do I get one?) ♥ Naming the vehicles I drive at work ♥ The universe aligning *just so* – more serendipity in my life, please! ♥ Bread Kittens for Apple devices. OH MY GOODNESS THIS GAME IS SO CUTE ♥ Speaking of, discussing ridiculous historical cat names. (“Get off the furniture, Hroswitha of Gandersheim!”) ♥

That’s all for this week (it has been a bit of a rough one). Until next time!


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