Burning Retinas: A Tiny Media Roundup

Warning: This post features Opinions.

It seems a sin to sit in my apartment with Netflix and a stack of DVDs when I can get into parks for free on my days off. But, factor in things like travel time, the cost of food in the parks (hint: it is not cheap), and finding people to go with when everyone has vastly conflicting schedules…it’s nice to go to the parks on occasion, but in reality I’m more of a homebody! I’ve been keeping up with a few TV shows on my days off (and by ‘keeping up with’ I mean ‘marathoning at a rate that is neither healthy nor normal’) and with my apartment complex’s lending library literally a thirty-second walk away, my movie consumption has shot up exponentially.

I don’t proclaim to have  the best tastes in media and I am by no means a professional reviewer, but I like what I like, and I think you’ll like it too.

It should come as no surprise that Vikings is one of my favourite TV shows of 2013, what with my chosen path of study and appreciation of attractive Norse people. It’d be easy to write the show off as the History Channel trying to capitalize off of the spate of successful HBO/Shotime historical or fantasy dramas were it not for the historical accuracy and goodies sprinkled throughout. Though overdramatized at moments (and I expect some of the history is fudged for the sake of drama), it’s clear that the showrunners did their homework. Consider me a happy little history nerd.

Given the source material, NBC’s Hannibal could easily devolve into either a dime-a-dozen crime drama shows or a gorey cannibalism gross-out fest. Amazingly, it is neither – rather, it’s understated, compelling, and beautifully shot. It’s subtle enough to where sometimes I lose the plot, but frankly speaking, the show is visually gorgeous enough for me to keep watching. In addition, the ubiquitous Lector cannibalism isn’t in-your-face, but will definitely elicit a few face-clutching rolls around the couch. Spoiler: As a diabetic, one of the methods of serial murder portrayed in the show had me terrified, screeching, and jealous that I wasn’t able to come up with it first. Well done.
Only caveat is I wouldn’t recommend watching these shows if you have small children in the room, are easily grossed out, or are a small child who is easily grossed out.

With a blockbuster summer rapidly approaching, I’ve been seeing a lot of movies lately as well (and subsequently drowning in feelings about fictional characters):
I wasn’t quite sure what to expect going into Iron Man 3 but I can say I definitely didn’t leave the theater disappointed. Anyone interested in the development of Tony Stark as a character over the progression of the Iron Man and the Avengers movies will not want to sit this one out. Just the amount of character analysis exchanged through text message after I saw the movie could fill a small novel, but lest I blather on about that ceaselessly, it also has great action scenes and the snarky, Iron Man humor we all love. (Bonus? Pepper Potts is a mega badass.)

The Great Gatsby: The costumes! The soundtrack! The haters! I know the book means so very much to so many people, and that is why many took offense to Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of it, but you should give it a shot just for the stunning set designs – and the costumes. Visually, one of the most lavish movies I’ve seen in a long, long time – however, I still don’t think Leo’s gonna get his Oscar from it. I understand a lot of people were worried about deviations from the original plot of the book, but from what I saw, it remained about 80~85 faithful to the novel. If you can’t stomach that percentage, well, then at least go and see it for the costumes. (Did I mention the costumes?!)

Finally, last Tuesday night my good friend Kayla and I went to see Star Trek: Into Darkness. While the plot was perhaps a bit shakier than the original installment and the lensflare more gratuitous, it was everything I hoped it would be.
Also? They did the Thing.

Okay, so I may not be the most skilled at writing reviews, but I have opinions and I’d like to share them! This is probably the first of several periodic media roundups/recommendations that I will post here on Tiny Quails – the next projected one will be more musically-inclined; the one after that is likely to be about the books I’ve been reading or the apps I’ve been using (!! how technologically-minded!)

Go see some movies (and don’t eat anything the charming psychiatrist gives you)! Until next we meet~


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