Dr. Feelgood: Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Gratitude List

Here we are again! Another Thursday is here, another Things I Love list to post. You may notice that the blog has a new layout – please pardon any unscheduled changes or errors that may arise as I tweak Tiny Quails to my liking. And, of course, any feedback you may have about layout or the visual appearance of this blog is much appreciated!

These past weeks have been fraught with worry, stress, a lingering head cold, a few too-early mornings, low paychecks, and absolutely no motivation to do anything. Whatsoever. Dr. Feelgood, you’re my only hope! Here’s an extra-long list of things that feel good, to make up for being so quiet for the past few weeks…

Can we talk about this for a second? There’s a literary genre called Plaguepunk. Move over, Steampunk, this is everything I want from life ♥ The In Our Time Podcast about Icelandic sagas. IOT, how do I love you? Let me count the ways. ♥ Taking an evening for extreme self care – including white wine, nail polish, and a rewatch of Marie Antoinette. (I am a parody of myself and you know what? I’m okay with that.) ♥ Dita Von Teese, keepin’ it real. ♥ It should come that any news of the Plague is my favourite news ♥  Pink and gold eyeshadow. ♥ Pink nail polish. ♥ Anything pink for that matter. ♥ The Sad Cat Diary video, which had me in tears of laughter. ♥ Getting brunch with one of my best friends ♥ Did I mention I got to talk on the phone with Eugene Hutz this week?! [screams internally] ♥ My coordinator and coworkers, who are awesome and arranged our breaks so we could watch Hyperspace Hoopla at work during Star Wars Weekends ♥ Summer squash and gluten-free toast ♥ The epiphany that guilt, like a lot of other negative emotions, is self-imposed…and can be overcome! ♥ Having an epiphany about work…at work ♥

I’m all about the self love lately. It sounds like an Ego Thing, but it’s really not! As my king Oscar Wilde said, “To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance”… Paychecks may be ridiculously low, roommates and work can be a bother, someone cute may be unattainable, but if you build a foundation of things that keep you afloat, you will always be able to keep your head above water. There may only be $20 in your checking account, but you can rock life with confidence and kindness from a foundation of love for yourself and for others.
Unsure of how to get started? This post by Gala Darling is a simple way to get started for those pressed for time or ideas, but here’s the ultimate masterlist if you want to go more in-depth.

With that, I leave you to spread the love! Until next we meet, have a lovely Thursday (and rest of your week!)


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