When You Wish Upon a Star…(originally written 8/2/2013)

As I write this a child screeches a few rows ahead of me and frigid, recycled plane air is slowly dehydrating myself and my fellow passengers. Luckily, this flight’s short. If you wrung me out like a sponge right now, you’d get nothing, not even a single drop of the coffee I drank without tasting this morning with one foot already in the shower.

(I am an adult, just not a very good or efficient one.)

The state of transit is a funny one. Rather preferring a state of introspection than deal with the prospect of talking to the poor couple next to me (‘Hello, sorry I smell, this is only for an hour anyway and I am a nervous flyer, care for an almond?’), I instead turn my mind to the past eight months and what they held, as well as the future and what lies, undiscovered, just beyond the horizon.

Though my program itself was only six months long, it took up a major portion of my time and energy and anxieity since I got my acceptance email all the way back in November. Back then, I didn’t know what I was getting into.

All I knew is that I wanted an adventure. I fancied myself taking after Belle from Beauty and the Beast – I want adventure in the great wide somewhere/I want it more than I can tell…

And adventure I got. In spades, even.
So, in the early chill of February, I packed my bags and set off into the wild blue something. I didn’t know what to expect, other than an adventure. And when I got to Florida…oh, where do I even begin?

I was so blessed to be placed with the best group of roommates a girl could ask for. Communal living has its ups and downs – more,I think, than the Tower of Terror, and the lows are just as horrifying and jarring to boot. I would like to thank you for, well, everything – your generosity, the support when I needed it, the fun. I am so lucky to have gotten to know and live with such strong, funny, hardworking young ladies.

Work for Disney is never just work, especially in the entertainment family. There were torrential downpours, working till 3 in the morning, screaming matches, breaks where I laughed so hard I wanted to cry…and of course, working alongside and getting to know so many different people. Working with all of you, too many to name in this blog post, was such an amazing experience. Even when the work itself got tedious and frustrating and I was two steps away from quitting on the spot, working with such fun and passionate people kept me going.

Finally, my ohana. I’d like to go on the record as believing that family is more than blood, and for that I’d like to let my friends as well as my kin know how much I love them and how special they are to me. Thank you so much for supporting me – financially, emotionally, spiritually – for the past six months. For being the best cheerleaders when my spirits were low. For tough love and making me see past my own bullshit. For pushing me to go out and do more when I was afraid and unsure. For your wisdom, and for your love.
To those members of my family I haven’t seen in half a year or more, I miss you more than I can say. I can’t wait to see you again.

I can’t say for certain what the post-DCP future holds. After this taste of adventure, I’m ready to return home with my new perspective and make the most of everything that I’ve learned in Orlando. But first….I think I need to get off this plane and eat some real food.


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