TILT: Constantly In Transit

It’s Thursday, and I have been on my feet and on the move pretty consistently for the past six days. Moving back to California, starting the fall semester, trying to sort through my things for what I find most beautiful and useful, and attending a (really kick-ass) concert…all since Sunday afternoon!

So more than anything this evening, I’m so grateful that it’s my weekend (and a long one at that!). Now that the state of my life has gained some steam and everything is constantly on the move, I don’t plan on being complacent and lazy over this holiday weekend, oh no – but I am sincerely looking forward to a sort of mindful activity, including yoga, beautifying my new home, and clearing out stagnant energy to prepare for the new.


Here’s what else I’m loving this week:

Big sexy salads like a symphony of colorful plants – sweet cherry tomatoes doused in balsamic dressing, multitextured greens, the sulfuric crunch of cruciferous broccoli, creamy chickpeas….my lunch today was sexier than your lunch today. Sorry! ♥ Seeing GARY NUMAN live with my favourite concert buddy. ♥ MEETING GARY NUMAN. What a guy! ♥  White wine in teacups ♥ Rediscovering how amazing my local friends are. I’ve missed them so much. ♥ My best friend in Portland, who calls me on my bullshit, keeps me on my toes with the threat of rubber bands, and buys me aprons. ♥ The outdoor cat we’ve inherited at our new house. ♥ Being a two minute walk away from the historic district of my home town! ♥ Finding amazingly cute dresses by chance ♥ Talking about Punk Rock Zen and the soul-driven career ♥ My first In N Out burger (and Animal fries) in seven months. Now that that’s out of my system, I’m gonna try to go as vegetarian as possible! ♥

And can I be honest here? Since returning to California, I feel more free to engage with and connected to other people. It has also been observed that I smile more, and am somehow becoming a morning person. What? I think it’s pretty awesome, but I might lose what Goth Cred I’ve managed to scrape together! ;P

More posts to come soon, as I settle in and find time to write and reflect. As always, thank you for reading, and until next we meet!


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