TiLT: Fantastic Lists and Where to Find Them

Well hello, Thursday. We really need to stop running into each other like this. …No? You’re going to make the effort to come around once every seven days? Well, that works for me. We really need to hang out more often, Thursday. You remind me that I need to keep the good things in mind. Things I dig. Things I love, such as…

My wonderful friends (you know who you are) ♥ Vegetables from the Farmer’s Market. Beets and the sweetest little plum tomatoes and mini summer squashes, oh my! ♥ Candles ♥ Where I live now and all the opportunities here – more about that soon! ♥ Cool crisp mornings ♥ Brace yourselves: Pumpkin everything is here. ♥ Inspirational photos ♥ Discovering how close I am to accomplishing my goals…a separate blog post about that coming soon! ♥ My cute little room ♥ A NEW HARRY POTTER-UNIVERSE MOVIE. DO NOT KEEP CALM. DO NOT CARRY ON. WE GET A NEW MOVIE SERIES!! ♥ Cementing friendships over  a mutual love of tea ♥ “Taps on the shoulder” – thank you, Universe, I know you’re listening ♥

I’ve been so very busy this week. Without my noticing, school has consumed my entire being, but I also have some exciting news that I’ll post about soon. Until next we meet!


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