TILT: Magical Fairy Princess Edition

It’s been a while, Thursday, but as always, I am very happy to see you. Thursday means recounting my blessings and the little things that bring me joy. I’m going through a lot right now, Thursday. I need some good mojo….

Here’s what I’ve been digging lately!:

REALLY PINK HAIR ♥ Powder blue nail polish ♥ Glitter ♥ SO MUCH GLITTER ♥ Coming to the very important, entirely unironic decision that 2014 is to be the Year of the Unicorn ♥ Perfume in every incarnation ♥ Rose macarons ♥ Welcome to Night Vale…live! ♥ Cecil Baldwin and all of the other folks behind WTNV being amazing and sweet while I stammered how much I love the work they do ♥ Divinely frothy bubble baths ♥ Spending two days with an amazing group of friends ♥ The Daiso market in Japantown ♥ Wearing crystals ♥ Top-shelf knitting ♥ This timely tinybuddha article. “You can’t hate your way into loving yourself.”  ♥ 

And finally, what I feel is the most important: ♥ Being able to say “I love you” – not just to my love, but to my friends and family members ♥ Meaning it ♥ And hearing it in return. ♥

Until next we meet!


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