TiLT: Going Retro

It’s Mercury Retrograde. Again. [groan]

I feel like this flipping planet is in retrograde more often than not, and boy, it never hesitates to let me know when it is. Even when I prepare for it by rereading Gala Darling’s post, backing up my files, and being extra careful with my papers and electronics, everything seems to go profoundly wrong. Today is no exception: In the past 18 hours we were woken at 3.30 am by a smell so profoundly awful words can’t even describe (probably a family of skunks taken residence underneath our house), I’ve checked my local credit union checking account to find that I’m in overdraft, and I am in Brain Fog City when I need to do homework. All I really want to do is cover my nose in solid perfume, curl up, and sleep for a week.

Instead, I’m being utterly aware, careful, and gentle with myself today. Rather than freak out about overdrafting, I am having a cup of tea and a piece of toast and enjoying my day, consciously choosing to not get into a panic about how I’m going to pay the $30 overdraft fee on top of some miscellaneous school fees that have popped up. (In case you haven’t noticed, money stresses me out in a big way.)

Honestly, that feels much better than freaking out about money, studying, and how badly my house (and probably me) smell.

Here’s what else have been some great alternatives to freaking out….

♥ Gluten-free bakeries and little metaphysical shops ♥ Lavender balsamic vinegar (where have you been all my life?!) ♥ Day trips in general ♥ I have been buying SO MANY BOOKS lately, and I’m loving it. One of them is Jane Austen (fictionalized) solving a mystery with Lord Byron. I am beyond excited to read it! ♥ Revlon’s new line of Parfumerie scented nail polishes ♥ I’m totally late to the game but I just found out that Too Faced has a line of Teddy Bear Hair makeup brushes! How ridiculously dainty are these?! Maybe I’ve missed my calling as a beauty blogger? ♥ The rain that California is being treated to after a long, dry winter. About time! ♥ The huge loaves of Snow Cake soap that my Lush Faerie Ari gifted to me, lord above they are delicious ♥ Angel numbers ♥ Being excited for Valentine’s Day for the first time in my life ♥

A short list, but I never cease to find how a few things that go right completely counteract everything that seems to go wrong. How are you all coping with all the little things that are piling up during this retrograde period?

Until next we meet!


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