TiLT: Going Retro

It’s Mercury Retrograde. Again. [groan]

I feel like this flipping planet is in retrograde more often than not, and boy, it never hesitates to let me know when it is. Even when I prepare for it by rereading Gala Darling’s post, backing up my files, and being extra careful with my papers and electronics, everything seems to go profoundly wrong. Today is no exception: In the past 18 hours we were woken at 3.30 am by a smell so profoundly awful words can’t even describe (probably a family of skunks taken residence underneath our house), I’ve checked my local credit union checking account to find that I’m in overdraft, and I am in Brain Fog City when I need to do homework. All I really want to do is cover my nose in solid perfume, curl up, and sleep for a week.

Instead, I’m being utterly aware, careful, and gentle with myself today. Rather than freak out about overdrafting, I am having a cup of tea and a piece of toast and enjoying my day, consciously choosing to not get into a panic about how I’m going to pay the $30 overdraft fee on top of some miscellaneous school fees that have popped up. (In case you haven’t noticed, money stresses me out in a big way.)

Honestly, that feels much better than freaking out about money, studying, and how badly my house (and probably me) smell.

Here’s what else have been some great alternatives to freaking out….

♥ Gluten-free bakeries and little metaphysical shops ♥ Lavender balsamic vinegar (where have you been all my life?!) ♥ Day trips in general ♥ I have been buying SO MANY BOOKS lately, and I’m loving it. One of them is Jane Austen (fictionalized) solving a mystery with Lord Byron. I am beyond excited to read it! ♥ Revlon’s new line of Parfumerie scented nail polishes ♥ I’m totally late to the game but I just found out that Too Faced has a line of Teddy Bear Hair makeup brushes! How ridiculously dainty are these?! Maybe I’ve missed my calling as a beauty blogger? ♥ The rain that California is being treated to after a long, dry winter. About time! ♥ The huge loaves of Snow Cake soap that my Lush Faerie Ari gifted to me, lord above they are delicious ♥ Angel numbers ♥ Being excited for Valentine’s Day for the first time in my life ♥

A short list, but I never cease to find how a few things that go right completely counteract everything that seems to go wrong. How are you all coping with all the little things that are piling up during this retrograde period?

Until next we meet!


TILT: Magical Fairy Princess Edition

It’s been a while, Thursday, but as always, I am very happy to see you. Thursday means recounting my blessings and the little things that bring me joy. I’m going through a lot right now, Thursday. I need some good mojo….

Here’s what I’ve been digging lately!:

REALLY PINK HAIR ♥ Powder blue nail polish ♥ Glitter ♥ SO MUCH GLITTER ♥ Coming to the very important, entirely unironic decision that 2014 is to be the Year of the Unicorn ♥ Perfume in every incarnation ♥ Rose macarons ♥ Welcome to Night Vale…live! ♥ Cecil Baldwin and all of the other folks behind WTNV being amazing and sweet while I stammered how much I love the work they do ♥ Divinely frothy bubble baths ♥ Spending two days with an amazing group of friends ♥ The Daiso market in Japantown ♥ Wearing crystals ♥ Top-shelf knitting ♥ This timely tinybuddha article. “You can’t hate your way into loving yourself.”  ♥ 

And finally, what I feel is the most important: ♥ Being able to say “I love you” – not just to my love, but to my friends and family members ♥ Meaning it ♥ And hearing it in return. ♥

Until next we meet!

TiLT: Fantastic Lists and Where to Find Them

Well hello, Thursday. We really need to stop running into each other like this. …No? You’re going to make the effort to come around once every seven days? Well, that works for me. We really need to hang out more often, Thursday. You remind me that I need to keep the good things in mind. Things I dig. Things I love, such as…

My wonderful friends (you know who you are) ♥ Vegetables from the Farmer’s Market. Beets and the sweetest little plum tomatoes and mini summer squashes, oh my! ♥ Candles ♥ Where I live now and all the opportunities here – more about that soon! ♥ Cool crisp mornings ♥ Brace yourselves: Pumpkin everything is here. ♥ Inspirational photos ♥ Discovering how close I am to accomplishing my goals…a separate blog post about that coming soon! ♥ My cute little room ♥ A NEW HARRY POTTER-UNIVERSE MOVIE. DO NOT KEEP CALM. DO NOT CARRY ON. WE GET A NEW MOVIE SERIES!! ♥ Cementing friendships over  a mutual love of tea ♥ “Taps on the shoulder” – thank you, Universe, I know you’re listening ♥

I’ve been so very busy this week. Without my noticing, school has consumed my entire being, but I also have some exciting news that I’ll post about soon. Until next we meet!

TILT: Constantly In Transit

It’s Thursday, and I have been on my feet and on the move pretty consistently for the past six days. Moving back to California, starting the fall semester, trying to sort through my things for what I find most beautiful and useful, and attending a (really kick-ass) concert…all since Sunday afternoon!

So more than anything this evening, I’m so grateful that it’s my weekend (and a long one at that!). Now that the state of my life has gained some steam and everything is constantly on the move, I don’t plan on being complacent and lazy over this holiday weekend, oh no – but I am sincerely looking forward to a sort of mindful activity, including yoga, beautifying my new home, and clearing out stagnant energy to prepare for the new.


Here’s what else I’m loving this week:

Big sexy salads like a symphony of colorful plants – sweet cherry tomatoes doused in balsamic dressing, multitextured greens, the sulfuric crunch of cruciferous broccoli, creamy chickpeas….my lunch today was sexier than your lunch today. Sorry! ♥ Seeing GARY NUMAN live with my favourite concert buddy. ♥ MEETING GARY NUMAN. What a guy! ♥  White wine in teacups ♥ Rediscovering how amazing my local friends are. I’ve missed them so much. ♥ My best friend in Portland, who calls me on my bullshit, keeps me on my toes with the threat of rubber bands, and buys me aprons. ♥ The outdoor cat we’ve inherited at our new house. ♥ Being a two minute walk away from the historic district of my home town! ♥ Finding amazingly cute dresses by chance ♥ Talking about Punk Rock Zen and the soul-driven career ♥ My first In N Out burger (and Animal fries) in seven months. Now that that’s out of my system, I’m gonna try to go as vegetarian as possible! ♥

And can I be honest here? Since returning to California, I feel more free to engage with and connected to other people. It has also been observed that I smile more, and am somehow becoming a morning person. What? I think it’s pretty awesome, but I might lose what Goth Cred I’ve managed to scrape together! ;P

More posts to come soon, as I settle in and find time to write and reflect. As always, thank you for reading, and until next we meet!

Things I Love Thursday: Catching Up

Been a while since we’ve had one of these, eh? In the interim between TILT posts, I’ve finished up my internship, moved out of my apartment, went on vacation, and succumbed to a nasty chest cold. And, wouldn’t you know it, by the time the next TILT post rolls around, I’ll have moved back to California and into a new house, started up the fall semester at school, and generally

I really dig this new Arctic Monkeys song and this description of their new album: “like a Dr Dre beat, but we’ve given it an Ike Turner bowl-cut and sent it galloping across the desert on a Stratocaster.” Love it! ♥ Puppies. Oh my gosh you guys. Puppies. ♥ Watch this Stephen Colbert video. You’ll thank me for it later. ♥ Welcome To Night Vale. I just. Words are not adequate to describe how I feel about this podcast. ♥ My idol Gala Darling co-hosting the Spirit Junkie Hay House radio show. Give it a listen! ♥ Coming to the conclusion that yeah, I’m a badass. I say this with absolutely no ego involved! Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t own your power. It feels great. ♥ Our vacation rental on Tybee Island…love love love! ♥ The ocean takes care of me. Thank you, ocean. ♥ ODing on knitting patterns ♥ Friendly fat cats ♥ The Breakfast Club on Tybee Island and their Solidarity scramble (and grits!). It’s normal to be this emotionally invested in your breakfast! ♥ Autumn is right around the corner. Are you as excited for it as I am? ♥ Herbal cocktails, infused with basil and cucumber. Mmm. ♥ Getting smacked upside the head with inspiration ♥ Massages where you can literally feel the tension draining out of you ♥ Supporting local, independent stores ♥ Amazing thrift store finds. ♥  Nature – the Perseid meteor showers, island sunsets, summer storms… ♥ This month’s full moon, which feels supercharged. I always feel so energetic around the full moon! ♥ Making plans, daydreaming, and getting unabashedly, insanely excited about the future. ♥

There’s so much going on, aside from moving all over the place and being constantly in transit. I hope to remain (relatively) busy as we shift from summer to autumn…there’s still so much I would like to do, including accomplishing my list of goals that I started out the year with! With luck, I’ll be blogging about those too. Until next we meet!

Dr. Feelgood: Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Gratitude List

Here we are again! Another Thursday is here, another Things I Love list to post. You may notice that the blog has a new layout – please pardon any unscheduled changes or errors that may arise as I tweak Tiny Quails to my liking. And, of course, any feedback you may have about layout or the visual appearance of this blog is much appreciated!

These past weeks have been fraught with worry, stress, a lingering head cold, a few too-early mornings, low paychecks, and absolutely no motivation to do anything. Whatsoever. Dr. Feelgood, you’re my only hope! Here’s an extra-long list of things that feel good, to make up for being so quiet for the past few weeks…

Can we talk about this for a second? There’s a literary genre called Plaguepunk. Move over, Steampunk, this is everything I want from life ♥ The In Our Time Podcast about Icelandic sagas. IOT, how do I love you? Let me count the ways. ♥ Taking an evening for extreme self care – including white wine, nail polish, and a rewatch of Marie Antoinette. (I am a parody of myself and you know what? I’m okay with that.) ♥ Dita Von Teese, keepin’ it real. ♥ It should come that any news of the Plague is my favourite news ♥  Pink and gold eyeshadow. ♥ Pink nail polish. ♥ Anything pink for that matter. ♥ The Sad Cat Diary video, which had me in tears of laughter. ♥ Getting brunch with one of my best friends ♥ Did I mention I got to talk on the phone with Eugene Hutz this week?! [screams internally] ♥ My coordinator and coworkers, who are awesome and arranged our breaks so we could watch Hyperspace Hoopla at work during Star Wars Weekends ♥ Summer squash and gluten-free toast ♥ The epiphany that guilt, like a lot of other negative emotions, is self-imposed…and can be overcome! ♥ Having an epiphany about work…at work ♥

I’m all about the self love lately. It sounds like an Ego Thing, but it’s really not! As my king Oscar Wilde said, “To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance”… Paychecks may be ridiculously low, roommates and work can be a bother, someone cute may be unattainable, but if you build a foundation of things that keep you afloat, you will always be able to keep your head above water. There may only be $20 in your checking account, but you can rock life with confidence and kindness from a foundation of love for yourself and for others.
Unsure of how to get started? This post by Gala Darling is a simple way to get started for those pressed for time or ideas, but here’s the ultimate masterlist if you want to go more in-depth.

With that, I leave you to spread the love! Until next we meet, have a lovely Thursday (and rest of your week!)

Things I Love Thursday: The Gratitude List Strikes Back

Hold on to your trousers, this TILT comes with a story attached!

After struggling with some generally unhappy feelings for the past few weeks, I couldn’t wait to start one of my classes through the Disney education program just to give my brain something to much on. The Marketing You class functions on the premise of “know theyself so you can market thyself.” I’ve always been under the impression that business, networking, marketing…it’s just not for me (see also: too corporate!) It has always read as false, soulless, and boring to me, and you know I am all about the soul.
Class started last week and I’m happy to say it’s has proven me wrong! The first session was delightful. The coach is inspirational and oh-so-sassy, and is all about giving people the tools they need so they can discover what they want out of life and how to get it with their own unique talents and personalities. Maybe there is room for soul in business after all…

Either way, in last week’s class the coach brought out a basket, filled with cards, a few stuffed animals, and letters. All were from her former students. She referred to it as her “Doctor Feelgood” account, and explained that it’s a tangible thing to look at whenever she’s feeling down, stressed, or frustrated. It functions sort of like a bank account that you can never overdraft from: Just keep making deposits that are “feelgood” and withdrawing them
“Huh,” I thought. “Sounds sort of like a gratitude list!”

And then I thought about my poor abandoned tiny blog – how my lack of keeping up a gratitude list perhaps coincides with my negative feelings lately. So it’s time to make my Feelgood account active again! Here goes….

Gluten-free French toast cupcakes (even better, affordable gluten-free French toast cupcakes!) ♥ Drinking tea and watching Florida’s insane daily thunderstorms – no sound but the heavy raindrops and the occasional crack of thunder ♥ My awesome roommate handing me a huge bar of dark chocolate for absolutely no reason ♥ Guests going out of their way to say they appreciate all your hard work after a difficult shift ♥ Hay House radio ♥ Journaling like a madwoman, writing so fast I splatter ink all over the page. ♥  8hacks, oh how I love thee ♥ Geeking out about homesteading ♥ All of the movies I’ve been seeing lately – I’ll write a separate post about that later! ♥ Doing homework. Amazingly, I’ve missed it! ♥ This post by Gala Darling, which sums up all my thoughts on magic, intentions, and how the Universe aligns  ♥ Thoughts and phrases coming out of nowhere while writing – total, organic creativity ♥ Making total strangers laugh at geeky references ♥ Handspun alpaca wool ♥ Signs, symbols, and portents ♥ Magnolias blooming everywhere ♥

In the meantime, what have you been putting on your gratitude lists or Feelgood accounts? Drop me a line or leave a comment!

Until next we meet!